Transactions & early publications of SAHAAS

The Society was formed in 1845 and its early publications covered an eclectic mix of topics such as the 'Names and Localities in Hertfordshire', 'Lord Bacon' and 'Roman sepulchral remains from St Stephens'.

It was only in 1883 that the Society decided to publish the first volume of Transactions, this being entirely devoted to the proceedings of an excursion to Dunstable. This journal continued to appear at intervals in essentially the same form until 1961, and the whole set of over 200 papers contains a unique record of nearly all the local discoveries during this time. Bound volumes of the Transactions and other publications are kept in the Society's library.

In the 1960s the Transactions were replaced by Hertfordshire Archaeology (now published as Hertfordshire Archaeology & History) which was introduced as a journal of record for the archaeology of the county.

In July 2015, the Society completed a project to digitise all 4300+ pages of the Transactions and its earlier publications. Society volunteers prepared searchable facsimile images of the original pages for private use and each volume then made available here when ready. We are grateful to the Mercers' Charitable Trust for a grant towards the cost of this project.

For those interested in understanding the context in which these articles were written and something of their current value we recommend the review by JT Smith referred to below.

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