'Verulamium Revealed' - a talk by Dr Kris Lockyear

8pm, Friday 23 June at Welwyn Civic Centre

Dr Lockyear's talk is being given as part of the Welwyn Festival. Full details are here.

The talk is free as is parking at the Civic Centre.

Here's the abstract for the talk:

Since 2013 a group of volunteer archaeologists drawn from local archaeological societies across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Essex — including SAHAAS — have been undertaking a series of geophysical surveys of the Roman city of Verulamium. The talk will firstly briefly introduce, in a non-technical fashion, the various methods used by the group, and what sorts of things they can detect.  An explanation of how to “read” the images will be provided. The talk will then discuss what these surveys have revealed which include wealth of buildings, roads, kilns, ditches and pits across the city providing us with a much fuller picture of the town plan than previously. The group has, for example, located the town’s aqueduct although, like all Romano-British examples, it is more muddy ditch than Pont du Gard.  The group has now completed a magnetometry survey of the vast majority of the available area of the town, some 66 hectares.  Since 2015 the group have had access to a Ground Penetrating Radar which is especially good at detecting the walls and floors of stone buildings. This survey has complemented the magnetometry survey which is generally better at detecting pits and ditches. The talk will conclude with ideas about what we have learned, and what we should do next.


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