Spring 2005

Tue 18 Jan Tony Billings
Rob Weston
Thomas Fowler - A St Albans Worthy
Grimthorpe - A St Albans Giant
Fri 28 Jan Prof. Nigel Goose Child Employment in 19c Hertfordshire in Perspective - Varieties of Childhood
Tue 1 Feb Simon West Cremation Burials at Turners Hall Farm, Wheathamstead
Tue 8 Feb Teresa Wild Lord Rothschild & the Tring Museum
Tue 15 Feb Jeremy Ingham Investigation of historic lime-based building materials
Fri 25 Feb John Brodrick Ancient Technology
Tue 1 Mar Elizabeth Buteux The Lost Inns of the High Street
Tue 8 Mar Richard Abdey Labelled Heads - Portraits on coins and medals
Fri 18 Mar Prof. John Baker Britons in Post-Roman Hertfordshire - the place name evidence
Tue 22 Mar Kate Morris &
the Property History Group
How St Albans Has Changed and Developed - who did what, where
Tue 5 Apr Alan Featherstone History of Redbourn
Tue 19 Apr John Brodrick Our Evolving View of the Romans
Fri 29 Apr Dr Clive Foxall The Strange Story of the Metropolitan Railway
Tue 10 May Simon West Verlamio - Verulamium
Tue 17 May Richard Hobbs Our Past Treasure - Finds from England and Wales
Fri 27 May Kate Harwood Indian Influences on 18c English Gardens

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