Cassivellaunus, Ancient British chieftain

Wednesday 14 March, 2012

Wheathampstead Memorial Hall
Marford Road
St Albans
Hertfordshire AL4 8AY

Cassivellaunus Man – Myth and Legend
An illustrated talk Given by Neill Sankey,
Celtic Historian and Chairman of the Wheathampstead Historical Society.
Organised by Wheathampstead Historical Society.

Have you ever wanted to know more about the Celtic people that settled in this area over 2,000 years ago? And their leader, Cassivellaunus? There is no doubt that Wheathampstead was an ancient British capital, with Cassivellaunus as the big chief and leader of all the tribes resisting Roman invasion. Devil's Dyke with its defensive ditch and the adjoining settlement is certainly evidence of an early stronghold. But that is only half the story. Did Julius Caesar ever come to Wheathampstead? Was Cassivellaunus really defeated at the settlement site? Did you know that Cassivellaunus was the first British hero mentioned in history? That he was seen by some as a god? Even Caesar called him Cassivellaunus Magnus, the Great. And did you know that we spoke Brythonic (Celtic) up until the 7th century?
Neill Sankey, chairman of the newly formed Wheathampstead Historical Society, has made a special study of Cassivellaunus and his background. Prepare to have your minds changed about our history. All too often we have been fed the Roman line. We forget that the Celts were here longer than the Romans and lived in this area for over a thousand years. They left a rich legacy and we should honour the fact that where we live tells their story. Our Celtic roots run deep and are too often ignored.

For more information, contact Ruth Jeavons (01582 629 516).

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