The Clarendon Temperance Hotel

A stop for cyclists in 1910

Photo:12 Chequer Street, formerly The Clarendon Temperance Hotel

12 Chequer Street, formerly The Clarendon Temperance Hotel

Jon Mein, 2012

The following request was recently put onto our Enquiries page.

              I wonder if you might be able to help me; I am trying to follow and re-create a bicycle trip made by one of my wife's ancestors in October, 1910. He and a friend started the ride in Harringay, cycling to Chesham and back (staying overnight in Chesham). he documented his route in rhyme throughout and illustrated it with pen & ink drawings and a few photographs. However, we are having some problems following his route exactly, due to changes in roads and buildings. We visited in St. Albans last weekend and hoped to find a few more details but, unfortunately, the museum was closed. We did visit the tower, where a very helpful man mentioned your web site and suggested that you might be able to help. In particular, while in St. Albans (where my wife's great grandfather stopped for lunch), he mentions that he ate at the Clarendon Temperance Hotel. We have been able to identify that this used to be located in Chequer Street and wonder if you have any records that would help us to locate it more precisely (e.g. does the building still exist and, if so, what is it currently used for?). We would greatly appreciate you help in this matter.
               By John Green (03/08/2012)

Our members Gerard McSweeney and Jon Mein were able to identify it as 12, Chequer St (east side) and Jon took the photograph above.  It is apparent that the visible elevation is 'modern' but the inn yard indicates antiquity. As Jon said, the latter was a good place to store the bikes!

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Comments about this page

My Great Grandparents were the owners of this temperance hotel at the time of the visit mentioned above. My Grandmother was married in the Cathedral in 1910ish having been brought up in the Clarendon Hotel. She and her husband were great cyclists and traveled to Dorset and Devon with my mother in the front basket of the bikes. I have lots of photographs of my Grandmother and her sister in the drama group and they were very musical as well so sang in the choir in the cathedral. I have just come back from St Albans trying to find the Clarendon Hotel myself and could not find it - now I know why.

By Cherry Coady
On 25/10/2012

In Kelly's Directory of Hertfordshire 1902 there is the entry "Clarendon Temperance & Commercial Hotel (The) (S.C. Dean, proprietor)  12 Chequer Street". However, before 1908 and therefore before Mr Green's wife's ancestor visited, the Clarendon Hotel had moved to the Market Place. Kelly's Directory of Hertfordshire 1908 has the entry  "Clarendon Temperance & Commercial Hotel (The) (S.C. Dean, proprietor) (13 years in Chequer st.) 27 Market place".

Boots Cash Chemists was at 28 & 29 Market place and The Wellington was at 26 Market place which seems to place the Clarendon Hotel approximately at where is now the block of (modern) shops to the south of the entrance to St Christopher Place (i.e where Millets was until earlier this year).


By Alan Smith
On 18/12/2014

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